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Welcome to Best Dominican Properties, where you will find the BEST = The Most Excellent, Greatest, Finest, Superlative, Preeminent, Unsurpassed, Luxurious and Extraordinary Properties ... So that you can ... Own a Piece of the Caribbean!

Dominican Republic Real Estate:

Cap Cana, Las Olas, Marbella, Costa del Sol II, La Estancia


          We can offer you the Best Caribbean Properties… To live or for investment! 

           We can help you turn dreams into reality and investments into profits!


Why Dominican Republic Real Estate?

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic from one of our great apartments, or properties. Best Dominican Properties is a great real estate company where you can trust us to find the best property for you. Our luxurious apartments and properties will leave you wanting to come back to rest or live in one of our outstanding properties.


Best Dominican Real Estate Properties

Best Dominican Properties is Caribbean real estate at its best. Taking into consideration the needs and wants from our buyer we will make sure to fin the property for you. Real Estate in the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer because the Dominican Republics weather and average of 80 degrees, with great beaches and people. Anyone would be glad and proud to say "Yes i own real estate in the Dominican Republic" why? because it has great climate, its calm and relaxing and if you want to party and adventure it is also a great place.

Cap Cana

Las Olas


Costa del Sol II

La Estancia

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